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Advanced Router Table Techniques

Increase your router table skills with these advanced techniques

The video below demonstrates some advanced router table techniques – learn how to rout curved workpieces with a simple shop-made template jig as well as how to build a safe bit guard to use when you’re not using the router table fence.

Increased control and precision with a router lift

You can see from the video that despite the advanced techniques demonstrated, the router table he’s using is shop-built. However, the one part that isn’t shop-built is the router lift that is incorporated into the table top. The actual router lift he’s using is the Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools PRL-V2-420 Precision Router Lift – it’s one of the best on the market and has a number of innovative features like the thumbwheel height adjustment which allows micro-fine height control. 

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools PRL-V2-420 Precision Router Lift
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