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How to Make Mortises Using a Plunge Router

The mortise and tenon is a very traditional joint and is popular with woodworkers due to its strength. There are many different forms of mortice and tenons and also many uses, but they’re mostly used in the construction of tables and doors. If you’re really fortunate you may own the Leigh Frame Mortise and Tenon Jig which makes cutting the joint a piece of cake.

For the rest of us, this great video shows how to cut mortises using a plunge router without the help of any fancy jigs.

What we also like about the video is that there are a number of really useful workshop tips that you can use in other projects as well.

We particularly liked the idea of using a v-groove router bit to get an accurate measurement from the center of the collet to the fence, as well as making a pencil mark on the wood at the outside edges of the router base so you know where to start and stop. It’s the little things that can make life so much easier.

The video featured one of Porter Cable’s range of excellent routers and you can find reviews of these by clicking on Porter Cable Routers


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